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Amsterdam Vintage Watches x VDM Cars x Taylor Group

Even more special

Bright red Lamborghini Urus

The current lockdown prevents us from receiving customers in our showroom. In order to deal with this creatively, Amsterdam Vintage Watches, Taylor Group and VDM Cars have joined forces. This is how the idea came about to set off for two days with a beautiful Lamborghini Urus Novitec from VDM Cars to deliver a number of watches to the clients of Amsterdam Vintage Watches.

Taylor Group sent a good driver along so that everything arrived safely to the customers. All customers were pleasantly surprised to see the bright red Lamborghini Urus driving down their street. Among other things, we delivered a 15-year-old boy his first Rolex. He received the watch in the Lamborghini Urus which of course made it all even more special. An experience never to forget! Along the way we were able to take some nice snapshots.